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Most of our new clients here at Metis are individuals who are referred by some of our existing clients or by professionals such as Accountants and Solicitors. The initial referral usually starts with:

“A contact of mine has a pension/investment contract that he wants a firm like Metis to review. Will you contact him/her please?”

It’s obviously very rewarding from our point of view to receive these types of referrals as it shows that our existing network is impressed by our expertise and service. When we meet the new clients we listen to what the client wants us to do and then we throw what sometimes is seen as a curveball:

“What are your financial goals?”

The thing is, if we don’t know what a client’s financial goals are, then it is nearly impossible for us to recommend what a client should do with their existing pension/investment portfolio. We believe that the starting point for any Financial Planning firm is to establish a long term financial plan that takes account of the financial goals of a client. Only then can financial products be recommended. Examples of some financial goals that we can work with are:

“We want to be financially secure by age 60”

“I want to ensure that I do not run out of money in my retirement”
“We want to make sure we have enough money to put the kids through college and then retire at 65 without impacting our standard of living”

“I want to make sure I leave my money to my kids in the most tax efficient manner possible”

Have you asked yourself what your financial goals are? Contact us here for a private consultation and we can help you establish what your financial goals are. We are hugely experienced in asking the right questions to tease out exactly what you want from your “financial” life.

A Goal is but a Dream without a Plan

Carl Widger

Co-Founder & Director

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