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Timoney Takes – Part 2

by | Nov 15, 2017 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

To continue with the Timoney journey I want to explain what the actual course consists of and how it translates into actions and learning.

We all agree I think that learning is continuous. I know for sure in Metis Ireland we learn every day and the day that stops means we are not making progress. A company that does not make progress becomes stagnant pretty quickly and will soon wither and die, so continuing to learn is key.

Applying that to yourself as an individual, the concept of the Advanced Leadership Programme in Timoney is to study in great depth world renowned companies and in particular the people at the helm and “get under the bonnet” in relation to how they think. Success is many things to many people but for the purpose of this piece take success as building a team and building profit and sustainability in a corporate scenario.

Prior to looking at a case we would receive documents to study, which would detail the company in the spotlight and the key personnel involved usually including the founder. The business would be explained and the case written to a point where a key decision had to be made which often involved a “life or death” point at which the company stood. What became apparent to me very quickly was  whether you are Metis Ireland or Apple Inc. the problems, challenges and issues are the same. We all hit a bump and we all have to deal with that bump and not let it be all consuming. In corporate life and just in life in general we all hit a dodgy and perhaps scary patch and how we handle it and try to get through it determines our future success or otherwise.

The actual cases were written by the Professors linked to the Universities and are used each day to teach MBA students how to become world leaders. We were privileged to have the cases presented to us on the course days by the authors themselves and who knew the detail inside out. The thrill for me was to work through the case with my colleagues, and then to have the Professor articulate the case and challenge us on our views “Why? Why? Why?” was the question all the time. Having gone through the particular case the outcome was always excluded and we would then only at the very end be informed as to what actually happened. I can tell you often the outcome was very different to what we may have concluded and there was usually drama to a huge degree.

The Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson’s of this world meet the same issues as Karl Daly and any of you folk out there. It is the inner strength and thoughtfulness that they put into resolving something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Everybody on this planet makes mistakes, makes a wrong move or finds themselves in a difficult situation. In this we are all the same, no different. Where the difference happens is in how we resolve whatever predicament we find ourselves in and move forward to improve and rectify a situation.

All the people I have mentioned and other characters we came across in the course had one big thing in common; decisiveness. When a decision had to be made they made it and stood by its consequences good or bad.

If you have a decision to make right now, make it.

If it’s a strategic or career decision, make it. If it’s to resolve a situation with someone close to you, resolve it. The longer issues drag on the harder it becomes to resolve them.

Be a leader, stand up and live or die by what you feel you should do but most importantly, DO IT! I for one firmly believe there is no right or wrong answer in a lot of life decisions but what you must do is take action, inaction will lead to worsening of a situation or to downright failure.


Karl Daly QFA FLIA
Co-Founder and Director


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