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Thank You To You All

by | Aug 1, 2019 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

Last week at Metis Ireland, we hit a significant milestone. We broke through the €200 million assets under management barrier. This means that we manage over €200 million of investments and pensions on behalf of our clients. It’s an amazing landmark for us here and it’s an achievement only made possible by our fantastic clients and the dedication, loyalty and sheer hard work of a world-class financial planning team. I am proud to be part of this team. Very, very proud.

And I mean that. Sincerely. From the bottom of my heart. I have studied what world-class financial planning looks like. The team here are always wondering how I get my kicks out of studying the very best financial planning teams. But that’s what I do and most of my research is based on what world-class looks like in the UK and the USA. When we set out on the Metis Ireland journey in early 2014, we aspired to be a world-class financial planning firm. I am 100% convinced that we now meet those standards.

We don’t think for a second that there aren’t areas that we can improve on. We recently had a brainstorming session as a team and there are several exciting projects ongoing that we look forward to rolling out to our clients over the next few months. Our aim is to maintain world-class standards by bringing innovation and inspiration to everything we do. Those three terms are ingrained in Metis Ireland:


Our ambition is to be Ireland’s undisputed best financial planning firm by putting clients at the heart of everything we do. We have made significant progress towards this goal. We have work to do though. We are excited by the challenge and the “can-do” culture and team ethic that prevails at Metis Ireland will make sure we get there.

As you may or may not be aware, we are awaiting approval from the Central Bank of Ireland to welcome a new partner to the team at Metis Ireland. We look forward to welcoming Davy onboard and continuing to develop and grow the Metis Ireland brand.

Our plans are exciting. Our goals are stretching. Our aspirations are exhilarating. Our dreams are inspiring.

But that’s for another day. Today I want to thank our clients for all of the ways they have supported us and my fellow team members for everything they do every day at Metis Ireland. I am amazed at what this team has achieved and inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead.

Thank you once again to all of our clients, supporters and of course the team – Marta, Stephen, Ian, Michael, Martina, Karl, Tom, Mary, Marie, Sinead, Cian and Keith.

Carl Widger
Co-Founder & Director


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