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It is only natural for a parent to want to give their child every opportunity in life. The basis of a good solid career and future employment is a good education.  However as we all know education does not come cheap!


The reintroduction of third level fees is a topical issue at present.   However even if these fees are not reintroduced, by the time you take accommodation, food and transport into account third level education can run into tens of thousands of euros.


The sooner we start saving for our children’s third-level education, the more we will be able to help them on their way when the big day comes to start college.  It is a task that is easy to put on the long finger.  When our children start in primary school, we feel as though we have all the time in the world before we have to think about college, but as we all know the years are not long flying by.


With so many Savings Plans available, it can be difficult to choose the right one.  For Honest Experienced Financial Advice speak to us at Metis Ireland about what is the best plan for you and your family.