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It’s been a busy week in Metis Ireland with the events surrounding the “Correction” in the Chinese Stock Markets on Monday. We have spent a lot of time talking to and questioning the various fund managers that control our client’s investments.


Here’s look at the week so far in Metis Ireland


  • Andy Ivory Corr (Head of Investments for New Ireland) met the team in our office and talked us through his view of what has been happening this week and the various strategies being implemented across New Ireland and in particular their multi asset range of funds called iFunds.
  • Carl Widger took part in a conference call with Goldman Sachs where he got an insight into the views from Americas top fund managers
  • We have had lengthy discussion with our independent Investment Consultant Gary Connolly of iCubed, who advises on the Metis Ireland Portfolios.
  • Karl Daly has had a number of Teleconference calls with Davy Stockbrokers to obtain their view on recent events.
  • We have also received excellent insights from Friends First, Standard Life and Zurich with daily email updates.


There were two main themes in common to all these interactions. Firstly, the increased volatility has been expected for some time as Markets have been hitting all-time highs over the last number of years so a correction was inevitable. If you are invested in a well-diversified portfolio you should be somewhat protected from the volatility.


Secondly, if you are a Metis Ireland client, do not panic and stick to your plan. However if you do have any questions please contact us, we feel that the flow of information between us and our clients is essential to a successful long term relationship.