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We understand the challenges that Business Owners face every day. We help Business Owners with financial clarity by creating a long term and flexible Financial Plan. We call this the Metis LifePlan.

The Metis LifePlan is designed to give you and your family a tax efficient and diversified financial roadmap. This will help with key decisions such as whether to sell your business or pass the business to a family member. This will give you peace of mind and a clear head to focus on what you are good at – running your business.

We help busy and successful people get important stuff done.

Life Time Cashflow Modelling

The Metis LifePlan will help you to take control of your financial future by using the latest financial planning software to create your own personalised financial plan. We will compile all your current and anticipated income, expenditure, assets and liabilities to project the likelihood of you meeting your financial goals.

This plan will help you to understand, how and when you can afford to sell your business, how much you need to sell your business for to make sure you have enough income in retirement and the tax implications of selling your business.

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning

Most business owners understand the tax incentives of contributing to a pension i.e. tax relief on contributions, tax free growth within the pension and a tax free lump sum at retirement. However, it is vitally important that that an appropriate fund choice and pension structure is chosen from the outset to maximise these tax benefits and limit the charges on your fund. If the wrong structure is chosen from the outset it can limit your options at retirement and reduce the tax efficiency of your pension when you come to draw down your benefits.

Risk Management

One of the most common problems business owners face is what we refer to as “correlation risk” or the idea that “my business is my pension”. Although you may have a very successful business as we have all learned in the last number of years, there are just certain things out of your control and you cannot predict the future. We will help you diversify your portfolio by investing across a range of different asset classes that are suitable to your attitude to risk and are in line with achieving your financial goals.

Family Protection

As you are self-employed, you do not have an employer there to support you and your family if you are unable to work, and the state does not offer you the same benefits that are available to employees either. Your top priority at all times needs to be protecting your income if you are unable to work or in the event of your death. We will help you quantify how much your family needs to sustain their level of lifestyle if there is sudden loss of income and then put a plan into place to protect this income.

Business Protection

If you have business partners, do you know the answer to the following questions if you or your partners died?

  • Would your family be able to sell your share of the business back to your business partners?
  • Would they get a fair price for your share in the business?
  • If your business partners died, would their families want to take their place in the business?
  • Would you have sufficient cash in the business to buy their share from them?

If you do not know the answers to these questions Metis Ireland will consult on how to put in place a formal arrangement to protect your business in the event of any of your deaths.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.


Metis Ireland's unrivalled expertise in Financial Planning offers individuals their own personalised long term Financial Plan. Metis LifePlan will provide a clear financial road map to put you in the best possible position to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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