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It’s not all about saving you know!

by | Aug 23, 2017 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

Does your Financial Adviser keep talking to you about saving money, all the time? Short term money on deposit, medium term money for something like kids education and long term money for retirement. I bet that sounds familiar to you. We at Metis Ireland will have a discussion and put a plan in place to cover all of that too but we will also talk to you about spending your money. YES getting rid of some of that hard earned cash and not just at the finish line but, believe it or not, along the way. We firmly believe that people should enjoy what they are doing at the time they are doing it and do you know what? This might involve spending some cash.

If you like to go on two holidays a year… then GO on two holidays a year

If you like to change your car every two years… then change your car every two years

If you like to eat in nice restaurants often… then eat in nice restaurants often

You get my drift. The issue as most people see it is they don’t want to spend the money because they don’t know if they can afford it!

Our Zeus clients have no such issues because our Metis LifePlan creates visibility for them. When we have done our work the client can see their money right there in front of them and this is powerful.

No such thing as wondering “have we enough?”, we show our clients very clearly whether or not they have enough. Now that is Financial Freedom at its most powerful and Peace of Mind at its most powerful. Money can be complex because it goes in all directions at different frequencies, at Metis Ireland we can plot your money and clearly show you the different areas in which it is required; leaving you with nothing else to do but spend what isn’t required.

Live your life today and don’t place all the emphasis on tomorrow, but allow us guide you in the first instance. The simple message here is that proper Financial Planning involves spending as well as saving, now there’s a turn up for the books eh!

Karl Daly QFA FLIA
Director and Co-Founder


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