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Yesterday we published our latest blog on last weeks budget which you can read here


Today the Finance Bill 2015 was published to implement these changes.

Changes to Employer PRSA Contributions

There was one main change that we were particularly happy to see which was not announced in last weeks budget. The a PRSA anomaly that meant Employer contributions to a PRSA induced a USC liability in the employees hands has now been corrected. Employer contributions to a PRSA will no longer attract a Universal Social Charge (USC) for employees similar to the treatment of Employer contributions to Occupational Pension Schemes.

AMRF Minimum Investment Requirement of €63,500

We are also happy to see that no change has been made to AMRF Minimum Investment Requirement of €63,500. This had previously been €118,900 and there were fears that it may revert to this higher level this year.


If you have any questions in relation to the changes in last weeks budget please feel free to call us on 061-518365