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We held our inaugural Zeus Clients event on Tuesday 2nd February in the Cornstore Limerick. The focus of this lunch time event was to help our clients get a greater insight into the Metis Ireland Investment Philosophy and a greater understanding of what is happening in financial markets at present. As we all know markets have been very volatile since August 2015 and we have been urging all clients to remain calm and stick to their plan. This advice is in line with our view that “time” and not “timing” is key to long term financial success.


Our guest speaker Gary Connolly of iCubed spoke on the day. Gary acts as an independent investment consultant for Metis Ireland and helped design the Metis Ireland Portfolios. His presentation “Are you Being Fooled by Randomness?” gave our clients an excellent insight into how investment markets work and what kind of factors can influence your portfolio performance (and what factors don’t affect performance).


Gary, like ourselves, has a strong bias towards passive style investment management. He talked at length about some of the common mistakes investors make, such as allowing emotions affect decision making, over trading and trying to time the market. Gary recently posted a guest blog for us on our website, you can read about his investment philosophy in greater detail here.


We would once again like to thank the Cornstore for hosting the event and the excellent food and service provided and all those who attended. Click on the image below to view more of the images captured on the day.


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