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On September 11th 2014, we held our inaugural investment conference at the Limerick Strand Hotel. For a reminder of the evening’s events, you can click here


Of course we know that the Irish rugby team remain unbeaten since Joe Schmidt spoke at our event. I reminded Joe of this fact last week but I think it’s fair to say that Joe doesn’t think Metis Ireland have much to do with the success of the team!


So what about the Metis Ireland report card over the last six months? What have we done to keep to some of the promises that we made on the night?


  1. We have met with iCubed (Investment Consultants) regularly and discuss some aspects of investment strategies with iCubed on a weekly basis.
  2. The Metis Ireland investment portfolios continue to excel and perform ahead of expectations.
  3. We have added a significant amount of new pension and investment clients with all targets being met and exceeded.
  4. We have added more Corporate Pension business to our client base (with another client being added this week).
  5. We have been asked to tender for some of the most significant investment business in Munster. We have also won significant business in Dublin.
  6. We are exploring the options of expanding Metis Ireland into other locations.
  7. Niamh Breedy has joined our team.
  8. Our team continue to upskill. At present, there are 4 team members studying for different qualifications.
  9. We have worked hard with the team at TwentyTwenty Marketing to ensure that we have a relevant, professional and profitable marketing plan.
  10. We have appointed full-time compliance consultants and we are working hard with the team at Compliance Governance and Training.
  11. We have implemented internally a new custom-built CRM system called Tishkint which we aim to roll out to our clients in the 2nd half of this year.
  12. Karl Daly and myself travelled to London to meet with leading financial planning experts to establish best practice in the UK and to bring some of that experience back to Metis Ireland.
  13. We continue to take credit for the success of Joe Schmidt and the brilliant Irish rugby team!


We have lots of other plans for the rest of this year and there are some exciting developments in the pipeline that we hope to announce during the rest of 2015.


If you are reading this and you have any thoughts or ideas as to what you would like to see Metis Ireland doing, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team.


Carl Widger



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