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Metis Ireland are delighted to announce that we have opened a Dublin office. Taking office space in Dublin will help to facilitate our expansion in the East, and provide more options for our growing number of Dublin based clients.


Metis have had an incredible journey over the past two years and we have been encouraged by our clients who are growing their own businesses and seeking more exposure to Dublin based clients.


When the recession hit in 2008 yes Dublin was hit hard and like Limerick everybody felt the pressure. Dublin has lead the way in terms of recovery and it is promising to see the cranes back on the skyline and the coffee shops and restaurants packed with customers.


With so many businesses and individuals benefiting from the recovery in Dublin we feel there is a genuine need for Metis Ireland’s unique style of prudent, expert financial planning advice to ensure that we don’t see the same mistakes of the Celtic tiger era.


For this reason, we have decided to take office space and make our entry to this bustling marketplace. We have applied some clever strategies with our marketing and business development advisers and have made inroads to the market with some big events planned for 2016. We will report further as the year progresses. Thank you to our clients for their support and for getting 2016 off to an exciting start.


Karl Daly

Co-Founder & Director


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