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How do Metis Ireland Add Value?

by | Mar 7, 2018 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

We know what value we add to our clients. Our existing clients know the value we add to them and their financial lives. Strangely enough though, I have to admit that sometimes we struggle to explain this “Value Add” to those who don’t already work with us. It therefore makes our “Elevator Pitch” difficult unless you want some obscure load of marketing BS that means nothing!

I was at a seminar in the UK late last year, when I heard a great explanation as to what a great Financial Planning Firm will do for their clients. It goes as follows (credit to Mitch Anthony):

“We help people make wise financial decisions …. It isn’t brain surgery, but it is serious”

Let’s expand on this a little. Here’s what I believe we do really well for our clients:

  1. Organise your Financial Life into a Long-Term Plan
  2. Make you, our client, accountable for your financial decisions
  3. Provide objectivity when it comes to making important financial decisions
  4. Being proactive to ensure you #StickWithThePlan and anticipate speedbumps on the journey
  5. Provide education in key areas where we believe this will assist future financial decisions
  6. Establish a long-term partnership with our clients that is valued and trusted by all parties

If we can tick all these boxes for our clients, I believe we create the best possible chance of ensuring our clients can match their lifestyle goals.

You see a goal without a plan is but a wish.

Have a look around our website for some proof that we walk our talk

Carl Widger
Co Founder & Director


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