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The Need for Mental Resilience in our Lives

by | Nov 1, 2017 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

I just wanted to do a short blog on the importance of being in the right place mentally and the impact it has on all of our lives.

I have just completed my 5th Dublin Marathon where I cruised along with relative ease up to mile 21 when the wheels came off! The physical side of me at that point was in big trouble but my mental strength got me to mile 26, I have no doubt about that. You can analyse it afterwards and see for the next time where you can improve, but the huge learner for me was that I wanted to get to the finish… no matter what it took!  As I battled on with a body that was aching all over I just pictured myself coming over the line and collecting that medal and I imagined how I would feel. You go into a trance and you eek every positive thought and feeling you can to get you to the finish and you suck up the bits of encouragement along the way.

This folks is LIFE. We all have daily battles to overcome and the mental power to ensure we achieve these each time is key to not just success but to survival. Some people strive to attain huge targets and goals every day and need to have the mental strength and motivation to do this. Some people strive to actually get out of bed each morning and try to gain the strength to just get through the day. Without this inbuilt power we just will not survive and it is very difficult to have mental strength if your world seems to be caving in around you.

This is something we all need to address and to find ways to ensure we can cope with what life will for sure throw at us. Mental toughness is something you need to train for just as much as physical toughness and we all need to bear that in mind. When you get knocked down (and you will) you need to have the resilience to get up again and continue forward. Success will come in whatever form you seek if you can learn to do this.

At Metis Ireland we strive to impart mental toughness on our clients in the form of Financial Planning. We format their plan, implement it and then urge clients to #StickWithThePlan and THIS IN ITSELF takes a lot of effort as the “noise” out there urges you to change course all the time. We firmly believe that having the courage of your convictions and staying on course will ensure success and this is our core message always.

Be strong always even when you feel you can’t do it and believe in yourself because you ARE THE BEST. You will get to that finishing line in your own time and the rewards WILL BE YOURS!


Karl Daly
Co-Founder & Director


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