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Important Investment Principles – The Metis Ireland Rule Book

by | Jun 23, 2017 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

  1. Have a Financial Plan #LifestyleGoals
  2. Stick to the Financial Plan #StickWithThePlan
  3. Know your short, medium & long term financial goals #DifferentStrategies
  4. Know your investment risk appetite #ESMA
  5. Keep short term money in cash #CashCanBeKing
  6. Successful Investors stay the course and have long term vision #TimeNotTiming
  7. Long term is 10 years PLUS #10YRS
  8. Ignore short term “news” #BadNewsSells
  9. The vast majority of short term traders are NOT SUCCESSFUL #LuckVersusStrategy
  10. The guy who is offering share advice in the pub – does he still have a day job? #WheresYourLamborghini
  11. Missing the best 10 days in the Long Term, will decimate an investment portfolio #StayInvested
  12. Time not Timing #TimeNotTiming
  13. Charges/Costs/Total Expense Ratio – these matter #PortfolioDrag
  14. VAT on charges increases your costs by 23% #WhyWasteMoney
  15. Backing last year’s winner is a losing strategy #LeicesterCity
  16. Diversify, diversify, diversify #Diversify
  17. Being tax efficient is HUGE! #Death&Taxes
  18. When fearful, do nothing #StickWithThePlan
  19. Find an advisory firm that acts in your best interests e.g. Metis Ireland! #HonestExperiencedFinancialPlanning
  20. The next best thing has an awful habit of going pear shaped #GearedPropertyFunds
  21. If it sounds too good to be true ……… #ShinyBrochure
  22. Most investors underperform the markets = emotional decisions #StickWithThePlan
  23. Passive Investing outperforms Active Investing most of the time #ETFs
  24. The word Guaranteed is over used #WhosGuaranteeeing
  25. Boring, Steady and Consistent are excellent adjectives when it comes to Long Term Investing #HonestExperiencedFinancialPlanning
  26. Annual Rebalancing will make sure you stick to the portfolio that suits you best #Rebalance
  27. Go back and revisit 19 #MetisIreland #HonestExperiencedFinancialPlanning


Call us with your investment queries. We have a brilliant team who all buy into a shared philosophy. We know what we are doing and we want to partner with our clients for the long term.


Carl Widger

Co – Founder and Director


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