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The Facts:

  • Married Couple both aged 66
  • Pension Fund of €390,000 Accumulated
  • Entitled to State Pension
  • No other Income
  • First €36,000 income is Exempt from Tax for over 65s


The Advice:

  • Receive State Pension each Year = €24,263
  • Draw Down 25% of the Pension Fund Tax Free = €97,500
  • Invest €63,500 in an AMRF and take a drawdown of 4% each year = €2,540
  • Invest the balance €292.500 in an ARF and drawdown 4% each year = €9,160



  • €97,500 Tax Free in a Deposit Account
  • Total Income in Year 1 of €35,963
  • No Income Tax Payable because income is less than €36,000


Standard Notes:

  • The sample case study above is for illustration purposes only.
  • USC may still apply.
  • PRSI does not apply after age 66.
  • Note ARF distribution will have to increase to 5% at age 70.
  • State Pension assumed at full rate of €233.30 per week.
  • Fund Growth has not been factored in.
  • Product Charges have not been factored in.


Really Important Notes:

  • Metis Ireland is not a tax advisory firm and this article should not be taken as taxation advice.
  • Metis Ireland always recommends that clients get independent taxation advice.
  • Metis Ireland has a team of experts in the field of Financial Planning that regularly finds brilliant solutions like this for clients.
  • Metis Ireland invests heavily in our Financial Planning team’s education so that we can always give our clients the very best financial advice possible.
  • Metis Ireland has a team of Financial Advisers AND a team of Financial Planners.
  • Metis Ireland can run a lifelong cash flow plan for you which will identify tax planning opportunities that you can then explore with your tax adviser.
  • Metis Ireland wonders if your current adviser does all this!


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Carl Widger

Co-Founder & Director


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