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Recently, Metis Ireland has been highly successful in adding clients at the very top end of the financial market. These clients are traditionally the most sought after type of client for financial advisers. Typically, a good financial adviser will have up to 5 ‘high net worth’ clients.


So, we wondered why in particular we had been so successful – perhaps it was just a bit of a fluke or a coincidence that we had added some new clients to our growing book of assets under management? We decided that we would ask some of these new clients what attracted them to Metis Ireland. After all, these clients had been with another adviser or firm and had chosen to move to Metis Ireland. We were delighted to hear that our ‘segmented client proposition’ had swung it in our favour. But what the hell does that mean?!


Dispensing with the jargon… basically, what we have done at Metis Ireland is clearly define 4 different service levels for all of our customers. The most basic level is for someone who wants ad hoc financial advice and is willing to pay an hourly fee for that advice. A typical client in this area would request that we research specific types of funds and pay for the work on completion.


We then have two further categories and the level of service here will largely depend on what ‘life stage’ the customers are at. We found that the customer who is just starting off a monthly savings plan doesn’t want to hear from us every few months. It may well be the case that these customers require more advice in the future. These service levels are flexible and clients can move up or down the service levels at any stage.


The next level is probably someone similar to myself. Married with a young family, (big!) mortgage and constantly worrying how the hell I am going to put them all through college at the same time. (Did I mention before that I have 4 kids and there’s only 18 months between them all? – answers on a postcard…). So, Carl Widger will require a good deal of financial planning and regular reviews will be critical to ensure the plan is successfully delivered.


Then there’s the top level of service and this is where we have added most to our client base. We call it Zeus. We have names for the other levels too but I don’t want to give too much away here as we know our competition are reading all these blogs (!!). If you want to know more about each service level, their names and what the names mean, then feel free to contact any of the team at Metis Ireland for a copy of our brochure.


Anyway, quickly back to our top level clients – Mr & Mrs Zeus. What Mr & Mrs Zeus have told us is this:

  • They like getting regular portfolio updates
  • They like that we are totally transparent with all fees and charges
  • They like that they aren’t getting the same service as every client in our business
  • They like our cash flow modelling system (ask us about Metis IrelandPlan – it’s brilliant)
  • They like the fact that our team is highly qualified, personable and entirely focused on financial planning
  • They like the events that we invite them to
  • They like that we are investing heavily in Metis Ireland
  • They like that we keep our promises

Does this sound like the level of service you expect, Mr & Mrs Zeus? Call me today!


Carl Widger

Founder & Director of Metis Ireland