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Last week the team from Metis Ireland attended a Friends First Investment Seminar in the Savoy Hotel. The event was very well attended and guests were treated to three very insightful speakers on the day. The panel consisted of Robert Gibbs from Deutsche Bank, Patrick Hogarty from Alder Capital and Economist Jim Power.


The theme of the conference was the global investment outlook for the next year and how we need to adapt to a changing investment environment.


Gibbs spoke about the launch of Friends First new Absolute Return Bond Fund. Medium and long dated bonds may struggle as bond yields rise, however managed correctly, they should remain part of a well-diversified portfolio.


Hogarty of Alder Capital examined stock market trends from the last 15 years and discussed the issues with trying to time equity markets.  He stressed that trying to time the market can be very lucrative but almost impossible. It will more likely be detrimental to the value of the portfolio when you get the timing wrong!


The final speaker was Economist Jim Power. One of the common views amongst all three speakers was that the global economy was starting to turn and that the indicators were pointing towards continued growth in the future. Mr Power believes that we need to avoid ‘anti-Business’ policies such as increasing wages across the board and affirms that cutting taxes will give consumers the extra spending power they need.


“We were delighted to attend such a well-run event and meet the speakers who are experts in their fields. In particular we were delighted to see the themes of diversification and managing volatility as keys to investment success. These are core principles of the Metis Ireland Investment Philosophy” Karl Daly, Director.