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Financial Planning and Financial Literacy Made Sexy-ish!

by | May 15, 2018 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

I’m sure you have heard murmurings of financial advice in the past but do your eyes glaze over with sheer boredom? Does your mind wander to your weekend plans and that new restaurant that just opened in town? I would say that the vast majority of us would say yes! But do you ever look at financial planning with any enthusiasm? Let me guess. Images of an old guy in a suit droning on and on about the stock market while holding fund fact sheets that would send an insomniac into a deep slumber!! And probably paintings of something totally irrelevant and uninspiring on the wall. Am I getting close?

I’m a trainee financial planner, and I totally get it. To be honest I actually thought it was like that too when I started this career. A lot of traditional advisers are really, really (really!) boring, and they make thinking about your own financial situation even more so. They add lots of complexity to personal finance; they focus on picking funds, timing the stock market and they always make it almost impossible to understand. They create a thick financial plan to put on your shelf with a list of tasks for revamping your finances that are far from understanding. Their advice can be very costly to your bottom line, as complex usually equals added expenses and higher fees.

Well I guess I am the bearer of good news! Here at Metis Ireland we place an emphasis on client participation in your own financial plan. The best example I can give is the most torturous task of learning the game of golf. We’ve all gone for that lesson with the Head Pro who swans in donned in the best of golf gear and he portrays the idea that he’s bound for Augusta Georgia for the Masters next year. He stands there and hits ball after ball like the pro that he is and then hands you the club and says “just like that” …. “Just like what?” says you!! We need to have a hands on approach to everything in life. Your financial plan should be a priority for you and your family; having a good understanding about what your plan is doing for you in order to trust it in those turbulent times. Lucky for you, here at Metis Ireland we are that Golf Pro who spends time working on the basics before we try getting you to hit it 300 yards like Rory McIlroy. We care about our clients and what’s going on in their lives.



We’re very different from a traditional advisory firm, and it’s something that makes me and the rest of the team proud to be part of it. The process is explained, the pricing is clear, and our clients’ needs are at the forefront of what we do every day. Our philosophy is simple: Honest, Experienced Financial Planning. Learning how to improve your financial situation doesn’t have to be boring and too complicated to understand.




Working to achieve all those little and large goals in your life should be exciting and not daunting! Buying a house, getting married, starting a new job, paying back debt, starting a business, saving money for the future, starting a family: All these life events should be looked at with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. That’s why we put the emphasis on financial planning first, but in addition we must also explain and educate our clients on how their financial plan works for them in order to stay true to our roots.

This is our latest blog in our “ahead of the curve” blogs series. Our Investment Philosophy video’s and much more are available on our website and we hope that you take time to have a look.   

Daniel Nagle



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