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Client Segmentation Portaventura Style!

by | Aug 16, 2017 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

I’m just back from 2 weeks in Spain with my family. We spent 10 days in a great campsite called Sanguli. It’s 1km long and has four different pools with slides and other stuff that kept the Widger kids entertained from early till late every day. We then headed off for the final 4 days to Portaventura, a theme park about an hour south of Barcelona. What a place! We stayed in the “Wild West” and it really did feel like being on a movie set.

When you enter the park, there are tonnes of different areas with various rides, attractions and of course different types of roller-coasters. Or in Metis Ireland language, the entertainment was totally diversified!

While the campsite part of the break was reasonably inexpensive, heading to a theme park means you have to open the wallet a bit and grin and bear the cost. When we arrived at Hotel Gold River, we were given the option of upgrading our park tickets to “Express”. The cost was ….. let’s just say it drew a gasp! But we went for it as some friends has recently visited and advised that although pricey, it was a must.

Best decision ever!

When we explored the vast expanse of Portaventura, we realised the place was pretty awesome but also totally packed. The queues for some the rides were 1 hour! But not with the Express pass. Maximum waiting time was 10 minutes. It allowed us to visit every ride and roller-coaster whereas if we didn’t have the Express passes we would have missed out on loads of the attractions and spent our days queuing up in sweltering heat.

So what’s that got to do with Metis Ireland?! Client Segmentation! We undertook a process of creating different service levels a few years back and now most of clients are in our Oceanus and Zeus service levels. The Zeus service offering is our top level of service and offers a different proposition for those clients who have the most amount of money invested with Metis Ireland. It’s our version of “Express”. It is only right that the people who pay more get a better level of service. This is what we do and this is what I saw in action in Portaventura. It works and makes sure that Metis Ireland (and Portaventura) offer a better experience for those who are paying more.

Are you getting the service and attention you deserve? Or do you get the same service as everyone else despite the fact that your wealth portfolio is significant? Imagine if you paid for “Express” but had to queue up with everyone else ……………

To learn more about Zeus, please contact me and to learn more about Portaventura, come in for a coffee and I’ll tell you all about The Dragon Khan, Shambhala and the horrifically scary Hurakan Condor!!

Carl Widger
Co – Founder & Director

PS I went on all of the roller-coasters for the doubters among you!



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