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There are new rules about what options GPs have at retirement age with their GMS pension fund. This is great news for those within a few years of retirement age. It gives the wonderful ARF options to GPs when they retire. We suspect lots will take up the ARF option. This is not such good news, however, for younger GPs where retirement age is a long way off!


We believe that the new rules will put the entire scheme under massive financial pressure in the future. If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, we’ll clearly outline why! And if we are right (and we are pretty sure we are!), why would you add AVCs to this fund? You are perfectly entitled to do your AVCs privately outside the GMS scheme. Your obligation is to make the standard employee contribution but you do not have to add AVCs to the scheme.


This view will not be very popular with the scheme administrators or those sent out to “advise” on AVCs. However, before you commit your hard-earned cash, shouldn’t you get an independent opinion?


The world of pensions is so complicated these days, so honest experienced financial advice is crucial if you are to realise your financial goals. That’s what we are good at – so why not get in touch with us? We would be happy to meet with you and chat about your pension plans over a coffee. We never charge for the first meeting so you have nothing to lose!


Carl Widger



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