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The Metis Ireland Blog ‘Ahead of the Curve’ discusses Financial Planning talking points and other areas of interest from Our Team

Know Your Behavioural Biases: The final chapter

After some time spent Googling the number 17, there’s not much in the way of memorable facts about it. It’s the atomic number of chlorine, the number of sides in a heptadecagon and the number of syllables in a haiku… but otherwise it’s a pretty ordinary number.

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Know Your Behavioural Biases: Tracking error regret

Over the last few months we’ve looked closely at all the different ways our brains try to help us get through life, but end up stepping on our toes when it comes to investment. The purpose of this series has been to show you that while you can’t avoid these quirks (after all, they’ve developed over millions of years in the human psyche) you can at least be informed and spot them at work.

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Know Your Behavioural Biases: Sunk Cost Fallacy

This summer we saw some amazing performances at Glastonbury, but along with the big names, part of the beauty of a music festival is discovering the bands you’ve never heard of. While ‘The sunk cost fallacy’ might sound like an exciting new musical act, or maybe an album title, it’s actually a really dangerous and potentially very expensive behavioural bias.

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2019 So Far…. Market Report (with a difference)!!!!

“A second opinion should bring you financial clarity. You should be left feeling you now understand your own big picture: what you own and why you own it. Whether it’s along your existing path or in a new direction, you should be better equipped to proceed with improved confidence in your investments and long-term financial plan.”

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