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The Metis Ireland Blog ‘Ahead of the Curve’ discusses Financial Planning talking points and other areas of interest from Our Team

Know Your Behavioural Biases: Outcome bias

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling upbeat about your prospects. You might win the lottery. You might get that job that seems like a bit of a stretch. You might get the crisp packet that’s hiding a tenner inside, and as long as you understand that your ‘luck’ is exactly that, no problem.

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Know Your Behavioural Biases: Mental Accounting

Human beings like to sort things – we like to create order, we like to know where things are. We have a built-in need to spot patterns, which is why we like to sort music into genres, pore over the season record of our favourite football team or, for those of us old enough, arrange our CDs and DVDs in alphabetical order.

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Know Your Behavioural Biases: Loss aversion

Our brains are strange. They can take something as predictably consistent and harmonious as numbers and turn them into a matter of subjectivity. The way that information is communicated to us can have significant effects on the conclusions we draw.

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Behavioural Biases – Familiarity Bias

Disclaimer Metis Ireland Financial Planning Ltd t/a Metis Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. All content provided in these blog posts is intended for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. You should always...

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