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At Metis Ireland, we talk to companies every day. Some are our clients and some are not. When we are talking to companies who are not clients of ours, we often hear about the service that they receive from their current financial advisers. When we are appointed to new Group Pension schemes, we need to ensure that the service we provide, far exceeds that which was received previously.


The same issues seem to crop up time and time again. HR Managers, Financial Controllers and Managing Directors tell us that the service that they receive from their pension advisers, be it large Corporate Brokers based in Dublin or banks, falls short of expectation. Frustrations arise when staff feel they are given ‘one size fits all’ investment advice, or they are not met by the same adviser on a regular basis. Companies also tell us that their previous provider did not tailor meetings or presentations to the suit the investment knowledge and experience levels of their staff. Our clients are experts in their own individual sectors and cannot be expected to be familiar with pension and investment jargon and technical information.


Low take up of a pension scheme by staff can also be an issue for employers. Even though this may appear to be a cost saving, it can lead to a bigger problem for management down the line if their staff cannot afford to retire. The State Pension age has been increased to 68 and it is unlikely that it will continue into the future at its current level.


Metis Ireland is appointed pension adviser to a range of companies operating across a variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail, medical, energy and aviation. Our team have vast experience in the administration of company pension schemes, and also in the provision of advice to staff. We aim to remove any stress in organising your company’s Group Pension. We make ourselves available to management and staff alike to deal with queries on administration, investment choice and trusteeship. We conduct risk profiling with all scheme members and recognise that the scheme ‘default fund’ cannot be appropriate for everybody. We provide group presentations and one to one clinics based on your requirements. We also take a particular interest in the reconciliation of monthly payments to avoid lengthy audits at the scheme year end.


Since being appointed as Account Manager to a number of our Group Pension schemes (three years ago today!), it has been my pleasure to meet with scheme members on a regular basis. It is very encouraging to hear positive feedback from staff that have come to realise a greater understanding of their pension scheme, and the importance of the long term investment journey that they are undertaking. It is also rewarding to highlight the benefits of a Group Death in Service or Group Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) scheme that may already be in place, but staff didn’t realise that the company have provided such valuable benefits for them.


We are confident that we can beat the service being provided by our competitors locally and from larger financial institutions. Our clients have been happy to provide testimonials to this effect!


To receive more information about the Metis Ireland approach to Group Pensions, you can email or phone our offices on 061-518365.


Yvonne O’Brien

Pension & Investment Consultant